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Yuri & Boomer

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  My wife and I took our puppies to the dog park on Saturday.  We were the only ones there in the morning.  It was really nice because I was able to capture some fun moments of the two.  I love the water ones personally.  Yuri, the husky, taught Boomer to drink water straight out of the spigot.  Since Yuri was a pup (he turns 2 in November) he has always had the strangest ways of drinking water.  When you have water in a bowl, he dunks his whole head in the bowl to drink.  It’s quite odd but extremely funny.  I will try to get some photos of it sometime.  I’m always too busy laughing when he does it.  It never gets old!




I thought I would continue with another dog photo for today’s post.  This is Yuri, my Siberian Husky.  He really loves the snow, which I’m really tired of as there are winter storm watches for Northern Iowa.  Back in October, when we had our first snow over night, I went to let Yuri out in the morning.  He stepped outside, then paused to register the new ground cover.   After realizing what the white powder was, he instantly jumped up and down with excitement like a kid on Christmas morning.  Yuri proceeded to tug at me to come play with him.  Of course I couldn’t resist the cuteness.