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Take a Seat

I don’t know why but I found this old garage very interesting.  It had good symmetry but was put off balance by all of the flowers on the right side.  I love the vine reaching through the busy side of the frame to the ‘boring’ side of the garage.  I thought the whole thing worked well together.  I tried a composition that was zoomed into the right side with one of the doors and flowers.  Let’s just say that didn’t make the cut.   It would have been nice to get more detail of the flowers but that’s alright.  At least I tried.

I can see this old garage with its owner sitting in that old chair back during the towns prime.  Kind of makes me think of the movie Cars with the hopping town that was forgotten about because of the interstate system.


Hogback Bridge

The Hogback Bridge is one of several covered bridges I came across down in Madison County.  It was a gorgeous spot in the rivers valley.  I didn’t take too many contextual shots on this trip because the trees hadn’t leaved out yet.  I’ll get some more on the next journey.

Let it Ring

Yesterday was an awesome day for me, photography wise.  I was honored by being “Freshly Pressed” on WordPress.com.  I had no idea what this was until I started getting a ton of really nice comments congratulating me for being “Freshly Pressed”.   It felt amazing to see something I created, inspire and motivate people.  That was something I had not felt before.  I want to thank everyone for the kind words yesterday and thank you for motivating me!

Today’s image is from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa.  I walked around the gorgeous campus for awhile waiting for my brother to throw at the track meet.  On my exploration I found this neat bell symbolizing, well I’m not sure, the engraving was really weathered.  I also found out that the campus was designed by Landscape Architect, Jens Jensen.  What an awesome name is that?  I studied him back in college at Iowa State University when I was studying to be a landscape architect.  He has a college up in Door County that is absolutely amazing.  I would love to go back up there with my camera since the last time I was up there I wasn’t into photography.  The landscape there is stunning!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!



Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Today I continue from the Germany photos that I found hiding deep in my photography folders.  This photo shows some more graffiti, but this graffiti is from one of the last standing sections of the Berlin wall.  A lot of the gift shops in Berlin sell broken up pieces from the wall.  They are small pieces less than a square inch in size.  The funny part of this is many people have done calculations of what the total square footage of the Berlin Wall would have been.  Then they have estimated about how much square footage of it has been sold in these gift shops.  The calculations concluded that between 125% and 200% of the original area mass of the Berlin Wall have been sold over the years.  So the more than likely when you go buy a piece of the wall from a gift shop, it is a fake.

Speed Walking

Today’s image I found deep in my Germany folder.  We are “Speed Walking” the 4km hike from Lake Alsat in the Bavarian Alps to get back to the town of Fussen for dinner.  It never gets old looking at the pictures from this area of Germany.  Fussen was a small little mountain town with its main street consisting of stereotypical cafés, shops, and abundance of people.  It had its own castle, open to the public, that looked over the village.  The people were so friendly and always willing to help us lost Americans find what we were looking for.  I miss Fussen very much so, probably because the town reminded me of my motherland, Colorado, with a European twist.  If you are ever in Germany, make the trip down to Fussen.  It is worth it 100%!