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Yuri & Boomer

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  My wife and I took our puppies to the dog park on Saturday.  We were the only ones there in the morning.  It was really nice because I was able to capture some fun moments of the two.  I love the water ones personally.  Yuri, the husky, taught Boomer to drink water straight out of the spigot.  Since Yuri was a pup (he turns 2 in November) he has always had the strangest ways of drinking water.  When you have water in a bowl, he dunks his whole head in the bowl to drink.  It’s quite odd but extremely funny.  I will try to get some photos of it sometime.  I’m always too busy laughing when he does it.  It never gets old!



Water Attack!

Wow!  I had to go way way deep into the archives for this image.  This image was from my first trip with my new DSLR back in 2009.  I had no idea what I was doing with my camera but actually captured a few good images on the trip.

My family and I enjoy going to the city park in Denver, Colorado.  Just outside the Denver Nature and Science Museum there is a splash park.  This little guy was having so much fun playing in the water alongside the kids.  He would run into the wet zone when the water fell to the ground.  When the water shot up in the air, he would try to bite it. Then he would quickly run back to his owner.  This cycle repeated for what seemed to be a couple dozen times.  It was quit entertaining to watch.

Corrosive Water

Tonight I went wandering around my hometown looking for interesting photos.  I have started searching through them and we’ll see what comes out of my little adventure.  This photo actually came from my parent’s backyard.  It would have been a good opportunity to practice with my 50mm a little more but I kind of got a little lazy and didn’t want to go get it in the house.

Like yesterday, I can’t decide if I like the color or B&W better.  I’m leaning towards the colored image because of the green paint chips.  Also your eye travels around the corrosion on the faucet more than in the B&W image.  Do you agree?

Cinderella’s Bridge

Welcome to my first blog and my first post!

Neuschwanstein Castle  in Southern Bavaria (Germany) sits on top of a mountain in the middle of a landscape packed with beauty.  No wonder King Ludwig II decided to build his castle is this area.  We stood at the bottom of the Pöllat Gorge where a waterfall led our eyes up to the Marienbrücke.  This lookout point was built even before Ludwig’s castle, which is directly behind the camera about 100 above us.  The castle is also known as Cinderella Castle because it is the castle that gave Walt Disney inspiration for his own castle in Disney World, Cinderella Castle.

Tomorrow I will post the view from the top on the Marienbrücke and the stunning view of Neuschwanstein Castle.