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German Wall

I hope everyone had a great holiday!  I know I sure enjoyed the long weekend.  I love going through my old photos from Germany.  I always find new stuff I missed.  Not hard to do when you have 8,000 photos from the trip I guess.  This is just a simple abstract HDR from the small town of Fussen Germany.  Enjoy!




Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Today I continue from the Germany photos that I found hiding deep in my photography folders.  This photo shows some more graffiti, but this graffiti is from one of the last standing sections of the Berlin wall.  A lot of the gift shops in Berlin sell broken up pieces from the wall.  They are small pieces less than a square inch in size.  The funny part of this is many people have done calculations of what the total square footage of the Berlin Wall would have been.  Then they have estimated about how much square footage of it has been sold in these gift shops.  The calculations concluded that between 125% and 200% of the original area mass of the Berlin Wall have been sold over the years.  So the more than likely when you go buy a piece of the wall from a gift shop, it is a fake.

Berlin Grafitti


Happy Friday Everyone!

Last night I dug through my Germany photos to reminisce about my wonderful three week visit.  I came across a lot of interesting photos that I had skipped over.  So the next few posts will be from these new found German photos.

This photo was taken nearby one of the last standing pieces of the Berlin Wall, not too far from Check Point Charlie.  Graffiti litters buildings in Berlin, which is embraced as part of the cities culture.  I personally didn’t appreciate it that much since it was text based and not beautiful art graffiti that fills the alleyways of Melbourne, Australia.  I do appreciate the cultural and historical reference to the graffiti in Berlin though.  It is something that makes the city unique and ties you to its rich history.

– Adam