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Old Sunday Farm

I found this cemetery hidden behind the dog park on Saturday.  It only has about 10 graves surrounded by a wooding fence.  I found a giant boulder with a plaque attached to it stating the importance of the this cemetery.  Supposedly this is where prominent evangelist Billy Sunday was born and grew up at.  He was very well known for this during the first two decades of the 1900’s.  He was also a baseball player in the 1880’s for the National League.  How random is that?  Anyways, it gave a couple good opportunities for some shots.



Power Silhouettes

Today’s post is of a couple reprocessed images I took while on my internship.  We were doing this because of the construction of a wind turbine field with over 100 new turbines in it.  I was put in charge of taking a measuring pole and touching over one hundred power lines.  Then I was to record the height of every single one that crossed a road.  Each line had to be measured to make sure the trucks bringing in the new energy producer would fit underneath them.  It was actually a really peaceful week being in the middle of nowhere.  The area was 36 square miles, mostly on country gravel roads.  I rarely ran into anyone; it was just me, the buzzing power lines, and my radio.  Oh!  And of course my camera.  One day when I was done, I came across the edge of another wind turbine field.  So naturally I had to get some shots of these mammoth machines.  These two are the best of the bunch I believe.  Honestly, I couldn’t decide which one I liked better.  I like pieces of both.  So I’ll let you decide for me.