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Take a Seat

I don’t know why but I found this old garage very interesting.  It had good symmetry but was put off balance by all of the flowers on the right side.  I love the vine reaching through the busy side of the frame to the ‘boring’ side of the garage.  I thought the whole thing worked well together.  I tried a composition that was zoomed into the right side with one of the doors and flowers.  Let’s just say that didn’t make the cut.   It would have been nice to get more detail of the flowers but that’s alright.  At least I tried.

I can see this old garage with its owner sitting in that old chair back during the towns prime.  Kind of makes me think of the movie Cars with the hopping town that was forgotten about because of the interstate system.


Old Sunday Farm

I found this cemetery hidden behind the dog park on Saturday.  It only has about 10 graves surrounded by a wooding fence.  I found a giant boulder with a plaque attached to it stating the importance of the this cemetery.  Supposedly this is where prominent evangelist Billy Sunday was born and grew up at.  He was very well known for this during the first two decades of the 1900’s.  He was also a baseball player in the 1880’s for the National League.  How random is that?  Anyways, it gave a couple good opportunities for some shots.



On your way up to Delicate Arch, or down in my case, you pass some wicked looking trees.  I had to try to capture some of these and this was one of the photos that I liked the best.  I still had good like from the sunrise to get some dramatic shadows and good lighting.  It’s interesting how some of the trees, like this one, grow horizontal.  I figure they don’t grow that fast because of the extreme climate conditions.   I like how the trees have a very small amount of new green foliage that eventually twists and turns into a really detailed and complex knot to form a trunk.  In a way they are a beautiful piece of natures art.

I hope everyone has a great weekend with good opportunities for some awesome shots!



I didn’t realize how many detail shots I took at Conants Park until I started going through my photos again yesterday.  That just leaves room for another visit!  So far all three images have been of the outhouses in the back, not the main building.  This image shows the “Do Not Use” sign for the outhouses, which I don’t understand,  I thought the outhouses were in perfect working condition (As seen here).

I tried to detail out the rust on the sign to give it more texture, as I did this I noticed some tagging above the sign.  It looks like a name, “Florence something” and a date, “Monday Aug, 16th 1954” are written in  pencil just above the sign.  This is a pretty impressive tagging that has stayed awhile!  The overhang of the roof wasn’t that deep and the writing was fairly low on a west facing side of the building.  How rain hasn’t washed this off yet, I don’t know.

I hope everyone has a great Thursday!  Don’t forget to check out Scott Ackerman’s blog.  He just had his 100th post yesterday!  Congrats to him!

Don’t Fall In!

Wednesday afternoon I was driving down to Ames, Iowa to visit my fiancée.  I decided to leave a little early so I could explore some back roads to see what I find interesting.  It was a very successful little journey I had.  Except for the fact of almost getting my car stuck on the way to an abandoned house, that story is to come with some photos.  I also came across a REALLY run down park just outside of Gladbrook, Iowa.  The main park building was built back in 1920 by George Conants, who the park is named after.  This was my first time taking photos of an abandoned location.  Now I know why people really love shooting these types of subjects.  I’m hooked!  I am really excited to continue the processing.

Behind the main building are a couple outhouses that, as you can see, are out of service.  I didn’t want to get too close to the building, afraid that I would fall into a dark pit of misery.  I was able to catch this shot and some other neat detail photos.

I hope you all have a great St. Paddy’s Day!