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Power Silhouettes

Today’s post is of a couple reprocessed images I took while on my internship.  We were doing this because of the construction of a wind turbine field with over 100 new turbines in it.  I was put in charge of taking a measuring pole and touching over one hundred power lines.  Then I was to record the height of every single one that crossed a road.  Each line had to be measured to make sure the trucks bringing in the new energy producer would fit underneath them.  It was actually a really peaceful week being in the middle of nowhere.  The area was 36 square miles, mostly on country gravel roads.  I rarely ran into anyone; it was just me, the buzzing power lines, and my radio.  Oh!  And of course my camera.  One day when I was done, I came across the edge of another wind turbine field.  So naturally I had to get some shots of these mammoth machines.  These two are the best of the bunch I believe.  Honestly, I couldn’t decide which one I liked better.  I like pieces of both.  So I’ll let you decide for me.