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Sunday Cemetery

I had a little fun with Photo Tools a bit last night to step outside of the normal tools and filters I use.  I came out with a post processed image that is not like my typical stuff.  I was trying to go for a darker image that fit a cemetery.  I think I like this result, I’m not sure.  We’ll see if it is still pleasing to the eye tomorrow.  I’m still loopy after a long run in this heat and humidity.



Carnation Fresh Milk

So last night I was so excited because I was actually able to do some real shooting for the first time in a couple months!  I took some back roads home and came across Sheldahl, Iowa.  A town I have never heard of.  It probably only had a population of a couple hundred.  It had some interesting things in it that I was able to capture such as the back half of an old milk truck.  I had to capture this!  I got a couple good angles and I was on my way to the next interesting thing.  Hopefully they turned out!

Frosted Tree

I thought I would cool things down a bit today.  We are suppose to have a 105 degree heat index today.  It’s awesome to have that Midwest humidity.  Hopefully this starts to fuel some awesome storms to go shoot.  I’m getting really jealous of Scott Ackerman (check out his awesome storm shots).  He has captured some awesome moments.  How hot is  it where you are at?


Just Chirping Away

I have never seen a frog chirp before this shot.  I was very easily amused by this and probably took a hundred photos of this guy chirping.   I was using my moms old 1980’s Nikon 70-200 mm lens for this shot.  It actually did a pretty good job, especially sense I’m horrible with manual focus.

Blowing in the Wind

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Today we go way back to March when I stumbled on a worn down park shelter.  It was a windy day, as you can see by the rope blowing in the wind.  To get some shots of this door I had to prop it open so it wouldn’t move on me.   This is one of my first shots I’ve done to show natural motion within the scene.  Sometime I forget that it is alright to have things moving in your frame.  It gives a whole new layer to the photograph that adds more interest.  It can help to put the viewer right there in the moment of the shot.

He’s Praying Over You…

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Mine got better after I got my computer up and running.  Since my photo week fell short on Friday because of those computer troubles I thought I would do one more photo of the giant bug sculptures today.  I have gotten a lot of very positive feedback on this mini series.  I wanted to say thank you very much for those kind words.  This image is of the praying mantis that was placed in the center of where my fiancée and I wanted to get married. Wouldn’t this have been cool to have in the background of our photos?  haha.  We’ll see what our photographer can do with the bugs for our photos after the ceremony, he is a fun and creative guy.  Check him out over at http://www.taber-photography.com/.  Let me know if you have any creative poses to help us out from the few photos you’ve seen.  I really wish there would have been more clouds in the sky but the flat blue keeps the mantis the main focus of the image.  Enjoy!

Attack of the Ants!


I couldn’t resist, but on serious note.  The local botanical gardens in Ames, Reiman Gardens, is a gorgeous place to walk around during the spring.  Recently started a tradition of having interesting themes placed throughout the gardens.  Last year it was gnomes all over, this year it is giant bugs.  I mean these guys are all super sized!  This ant is about 7-8 feet tall and 15 feet long.  It just so happens that my fiancé and I will be tying the knot at Reiman in less then a month!  Where we originally planned on walking down the aisle they placed a giant praying mantis.  I thought it would be cool to have him in the background of our wedding photos, but unfortunately my soon to be wife didn’t.  I honestly think all of these bugs are seriously cool and well done.  They are actually tasteful in the gardens.  Who would have thought?

Ashton & Jennie

Happy Friday everyone!

I thought I would end our week in Madison County with a love story.  This is an image from within one of the covered bridges.  Unfortunately all of the bridges I came across had graffiti like this all over them.  Most of the tags were clean with people stating the date that they visited or confessing their love for one another.  Out of all the markings, Ashton & Jennie made sure theirs was the biggest in the bridge.  They wanted to make sure we knew about their love.

But I didn’t post this image because of Ashton and Jennie.  I posted this image because of something weird going on with the horizontal beams on the right side.  I can’t decide if they were warped in real life or if my lens warped them.  Its funny because its only on the right side and not the left.  I figure if it was the lens that the distortion would be on both sides of the frame.  What do you think?  What would be the best way to fix this?

Thanks for your input!  I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Sculpted by Glaciers

As I drove through Madison County, I felt like I was driving through a different state.  It was very hilly compared to where I grew up in Iowa.  This was caused by the glaciers thousands of years ago.  I believe these hills are part of the tip of the Des Moines glacial lobe.  The glaciers made their way down from Canada pushing all of this soil down to Iowa.  And boy did they do a fine job sculpting the landscape in this area.

Hogback Bridge

The Hogback Bridge is one of several covered bridges I came across down in Madison County.  It was a gorgeous spot in the rivers valley.  I didn’t take too many contextual shots on this trip because the trees hadn’t leaved out yet.  I’ll get some more on the next journey.