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German Wall

I hope everyone had a great holiday!  I know I sure enjoyed the long weekend.  I love going through my old photos from Germany.  I always find new stuff I missed.  Not hard to do when you have 8,000 photos from the trip I guess.  This is just a simple abstract HDR from the small town of Fussen Germany.  Enjoy!


Speed Walking

Today’s image I found deep in my Germany folder.  We are “Speed Walking” the 4km hike from Lake Alsat in the Bavarian Alps to get back to the town of Fussen for dinner.  It never gets old looking at the pictures from this area of Germany.  Fussen was a small little mountain town with its main street consisting of stereotypical cafés, shops, and abundance of people.  It had its own castle, open to the public, that looked over the village.  The people were so friendly and always willing to help us lost Americans find what we were looking for.  I miss Fussen very much so, probably because the town reminded me of my motherland, Colorado, with a European twist.  If you are ever in Germany, make the trip down to Fussen.  It is worth it 100%!