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Here is another fantastic beer from Tommyknocker.  Since my wife and I loved the Maple Nut Brown Ale (Check it out) so much we decided to try another flavor from the mountain town brewery.  This one did not disappoint either!  It was very light and sweet.  It was a good sweet though, not one that gave you gut rot after one.  It is by far my favorite summer ale.  I’m sure there will be more recommendations from Tommyknocker in the future.  Keep an eye for them.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!




The Tommyknocker Brewery is a place that brings a lot of memories back from my childhood.  My dad and I would stop by this Colorado mountain town restaurant every time on our way back down to Denver from the ski slopes.  Of course I could never have the beer, until this past week when I found it in the local grocery store here in Ames, Iowa.  So of course I had to pick up a six pack.  This turned out to be one of my top 5 favorite beers of all time.  Now I know the truth as to why my Dad wanted to go there so badly.  It wasn’t the amazing buffalo burritos, but rather it was the hand crafted beers.  The Maple Nut Brown Ale is actually brewed with maple syrup that gives it an ultra smooth flavor.  I highly recommend it if you happen to stumble on to this beer.

I hope everyone has a great Forth of July weekend with many great photo ops!

Water Attack!

Wow!  I had to go way way deep into the archives for this image.  This image was from my first trip with my new DSLR back in 2009.  I had no idea what I was doing with my camera but actually captured a few good images on the trip.

My family and I enjoy going to the city park in Denver, Colorado.  Just outside the Denver Nature and Science Museum there is a splash park.  This little guy was having so much fun playing in the water alongside the kids.  He would run into the wet zone when the water fell to the ground.  When the water shot up in the air, he would try to bite it. Then he would quickly run back to his owner.  This cycle repeated for what seemed to be a couple dozen times.  It was quit entertaining to watch.

A Climb to the Summit!


Well I am finally moved down to the Des Moines area to start a new job within my major on Monday.  I am really excited to get started after nine months of searching post graduation.  On a positive note it was really nice to get more in depth with my photography and learn A TON more about this passion of mine.  Hopefully a more structured schedule will give me more time towards photography.

Anyways this photo is for a photoblog friend’s, Chris Nitz, Lego Wars competition.  I used a LED flashlight to illuminate the image, something I saw Chris do a couple weeks ago.  I decided to use this technique because the light was too weak to reach all the way to the ground to give a feeling that the Lego Climber could fall into a dark.  It also gives a sense of more height and mystery in the image.

The image consists of two Lego Climbers attempting to reach the summit of the mighty Colorado Blue Spruce.  It takes these men about 72 days to climb the giant spruce.  Thankfully for the Lego Man, they are made out of plastic, so they do not have to bring any extra weight consisting of oxygen tanks.  There is no adjustment periods for them like the silly humans have to do while climbing Mount Everest.  Towards your next question, yes, the famous Lego Man, Ganthor the Great, has climbed Everest.  It took him only 451 days to reach the summit!

Thanks Chris for the opportunity to participate in this fun competition!