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Old Sunday Farm

I found this cemetery hidden behind the dog park on Saturday.  It only has about 10 graves surrounded by a wooding fence.  I found a giant boulder with a plaque attached to it stating the importance of the this cemetery.  Supposedly this is where prominent evangelist Billy Sunday was born and grew up at.  He was very well known for this during the first two decades of the 1900’s.  He was also a baseball player in the 1880’s for the National League.  How random is that?  Anyways, it gave a couple good opportunities for some shots.



Frosted Tree

I thought I would cool things down a bit today.  We are suppose to have a 105 degree heat index today.  It’s awesome to have that Midwest humidity.  Hopefully this starts to fuel some awesome storms to go shoot.  I’m getting really jealous of Scott Ackerman (check out his awesome storm shots).  He has captured some awesome moments.  How hot is  it where you are at?


Reaching for the Sky

Here is another image from my brief Arches National Park visit this past summer.  On my way back down I was able to enjoy the scenery compared to my rush up to Delicate Arch to catch sunrise.  The crazy forms that the trees out there take from the harsh environment are awesome!  The only other place I’ve seen this such form would be high in the mountains of the Rocky’s.  Have you seen trees like this anywhere else?


I thought I would continue with another dog photo for today’s post.  This is Yuri, my Siberian Husky.  He really loves the snow, which I’m really tired of as there are winter storm watches for Northern Iowa.  Back in October, when we had our first snow over night, I went to let Yuri out in the morning.  He stepped outside, then paused to register the new ground cover.   After realizing what the white powder was, he instantly jumped up and down with excitement like a kid on Christmas morning.  Yuri proceeded to tug at me to come play with him.  Of course I couldn’t resist the cuteness.

King of the Bean



A few weekends ago I visited downtown Chicago with the family.  Of course we had to do the touristy thing and visit “The Bean”.  I know there are thousands of awesome photos of the landmark but I had to capture my very own shots.  The last time I visited this space, I had no idea what HDR was.  I believe that trip was one of my first with a Digital SLR.  Back then I wasn’t happy with my photography because the photos weren’t turning out the way I was seeing the environment.  It was later, just before I left for Germany this past summer that I ran across Trey Ratcliff’s photo blog.  This changed the way I view the world of photography forever.



A Climb to the Summit!


Well I am finally moved down to the Des Moines area to start a new job within my major on Monday.  I am really excited to get started after nine months of searching post graduation.  On a positive note it was really nice to get more in depth with my photography and learn A TON more about this passion of mine.  Hopefully a more structured schedule will give me more time towards photography.

Anyways this photo is for a photoblog friend’s, Chris Nitz, Lego Wars competition.  I used a LED flashlight to illuminate the image, something I saw Chris do a couple weeks ago.  I decided to use this technique because the light was too weak to reach all the way to the ground to give a feeling that the Lego Climber could fall into a dark.  It also gives a sense of more height and mystery in the image.

The image consists of two Lego Climbers attempting to reach the summit of the mighty Colorado Blue Spruce.  It takes these men about 72 days to climb the giant spruce.  Thankfully for the Lego Man, they are made out of plastic, so they do not have to bring any extra weight consisting of oxygen tanks.  There is no adjustment periods for them like the silly humans have to do while climbing Mount Everest.  Towards your next question, yes, the famous Lego Man, Ganthor the Great, has climbed Everest.  It took him only 451 days to reach the summit!

Thanks Chris for the opportunity to participate in this fun competition!