I'm a young aspiring photographer that has a sweet tooth for HDR photography.


Sunday Cemetery

I had a little fun with Photo Tools a bit last night to step outside of the normal tools and filters I use.  I came out with a post processed image that is not like my typical stuff.  I was trying to go for a darker image that fit a cemetery.  I think I like this result, I’m not sure.  We’ll see if it is still pleasing to the eye tomorrow.  I’m still loopy after a long run in this heat and humidity.



Take a Seat

I don’t know why but I found this old garage very interesting.  It had good symmetry but was put off balance by all of the flowers on the right side.  I love the vine reaching through the busy side of the frame to the ‘boring’ side of the garage.  I thought the whole thing worked well together.  I tried a composition that was zoomed into the right side with one of the doors and flowers.  Let’s just say that didn’t make the cut.   It would have been nice to get more detail of the flowers but that’s alright.  At least I tried.

I can see this old garage with its owner sitting in that old chair back during the towns prime.  Kind of makes me think of the movie Cars with the hopping town that was forgotten about because of the interstate system.

Old Sunday Farm

I found this cemetery hidden behind the dog park on Saturday.  It only has about 10 graves surrounded by a wooding fence.  I found a giant boulder with a plaque attached to it stating the importance of the this cemetery.  Supposedly this is where prominent evangelist Billy Sunday was born and grew up at.  He was very well known for this during the first two decades of the 1900’s.  He was also a baseball player in the 1880’s for the National League.  How random is that?  Anyways, it gave a couple good opportunities for some shots.


Carnation Fresh Milk

So last night I was so excited because I was actually able to do some real shooting for the first time in a couple months!  I took some back roads home and came across Sheldahl, Iowa.  A town I have never heard of.  It probably only had a population of a couple hundred.  It had some interesting things in it that I was able to capture such as the back half of an old milk truck.  I had to capture this!  I got a couple good angles and I was on my way to the next interesting thing.  Hopefully they turned out!

Frosted Tree

I thought I would cool things down a bit today.  We are suppose to have a 105 degree heat index today.  It’s awesome to have that Midwest humidity.  Hopefully this starts to fuel some awesome storms to go shoot.  I’m getting really jealous of Scott Ackerman (check out his awesome storm shots).  He has captured some awesome moments.  How hot is  it where you are at?


Just Chirping Away

I have never seen a frog chirp before this shot.  I was very easily amused by this and probably took a hundred photos of this guy chirping.   I was using my moms old 1980’s Nikon 70-200 mm lens for this shot.  It actually did a pretty good job, especially sense I’m horrible with manual focus.

Blowing in the Wind

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Today we go way back to March when I stumbled on a worn down park shelter.  It was a windy day, as you can see by the rope blowing in the wind.  To get some shots of this door I had to prop it open so it wouldn’t move on me.   This is one of my first shots I’ve done to show natural motion within the scene.  Sometime I forget that it is alright to have things moving in your frame.  It gives a whole new layer to the photograph that adds more interest.  It can help to put the viewer right there in the moment of the shot.

Rotnest Island

Okay, I cheated a bit with this image that has been on my Smugmug site for awhile.  I reprocessed it a bit and  it is new to the blog. So, here is the last image from my little trip down memory lane I dragged you along with this week.  This gorgeous place is The Basin at Rotnest Island.  The island is just off the coast of Australia by Perth.  You can actually see the city skyline just to the left of the lighthouse on the horizon.  We decided to bike around the whole island on our extremely short 4 hour trip.  It was only 26km around the whole place.  It was challenge not to stop at every bay that is just as gorgeous as this one.  I could go on and on about our journey with stories filled with swimming, cliffs, lizards, biking, quokkas, and so on!  I won’t do that to you on this fine Friday though.

I hope everyone has a awesome weekend.



Today’s images (not sure which I like better) are from the coast of Perth, Australia where during our trip we got to spend 18 wonderful days.  This amazing city is in my top five where I would realistically want to live, right along with: Denver CO, Phoenix AZ, Queenstown NZ, and Minneapolis, MN.  All are unique in their own way, with their own rich history and fascinating foods.  Perth is actually the most isolated major city in the world and at the time of our visit it was one of the fastest growing cities in the world.  They had a lot of urban design and planning issues that were coming up.  Such as, where is the water going to come from and where are all of the expected 1.5 million new comers in the next several decades suppose to go?  It was an interesting challenge that landscape architects, planners, scientists, and the government have to solve.

Make sure you check out tomorrow’s image.  It is from one of my favorite, if not my favorite, places in the whole wide world.  

Franz Josef Glacier

This is Franz Josef glacier in New Zealand.  It is located very close to Mt. Cook and Fox Glacier on the South Island.  This image doesn’t show much scale but as you walked closer to the glacier’s front it made you feel like an ant.  I would have to say that the ice wall was about 100 feet tall.  It was very impressive and humbling.  Along this path of polished rocks were several waterfalls we walked by.  You can see one on the right side of the valley portrayed as two nearly vertical white lines just above the front of the glacier.  Also, flowing from under the glacier was a river, it hides within this vast valley on the opposite side I stood here.  This area of New Zealand is a must see if you are on the South Island.